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Notes on Starting a Business

These are some loose notes about getting started! Select Your Market Carefully Most businesses fail because they don’t do the proper amount of research on the front end. Don’t adhere to the “field of dreams” business model, if you build it they may not come. You need to see if there is actually anyone interested! Who Is The Buyer? Spend th... Read more

A smarter SmartOS?

I’ve always been fascinated by operating system design, although it’s obviously much more difficult to actually engineer one. I believe that all great systems come about as the result of thoughtful design. So these are some thoughts! On compilers & linkers… Where GNU has won… The GCC and GNU ld(1) frontends are essentially the gold stand... Read more

Why the blue pill?

I’ll try to avoid waxing philosophical but I wanted to explain the reasoning behind the title of this blog. Do I even know what the difference is between the blue and red pills? The answer is yes. I want the blue one, thanks. To me, choosing the blue pill in the world of software means accepting the abstractions that we are currently present... Read more

An On-Premise Collaborative Development Environment

In this post, I’m going to share my thoughts about an on-premises private cloud configuration for collaborative software development. These are just some conceptual notes, but I’ll try to double back later and provide step-by-step directions for setting up the system I’m going to describe here. The substrate I prescribe is Joyent’s Triton, wh... Read more

PCI Passthrough on Illumos KVM

I’m a huge fan of Joyent, and the SmartDataCenter (now Triton) platform is one that I would love to use for machine learning and data science. The emphasis on observability and post-mortem debugging makes it a fantastic platform for production systems and by virtue of being totally open source (unlike, say, AWS) it is impossible to be truly ... Read more